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The cooktop and its device are installed in a fully flush mounting. The suction power is automatically adjusted according to the cooking mode. Continuous manual adjustment is no longer necessary. The cook can concentrate entirely on cooking. The components in contact with the cooking vapours can be easily removed via the large suction opening. They can then be washed in the dishwasher, even if the available space is limited. If a liquid or food falls into the suction opening during preparation, the integrated grease filter with integrated tray makes it easy to recover everything. In air recirculation mode, odours are neutralized by the high efficiency activated carbon filter. To facilitate filter change, the operation is carried out from above, via the suction opening. The vertical slider makes it even easier to operate by simply sliding your finger up or down or by pressing it. All important control functions are always quickly accessible at the touch of a button. The centralized control and optimal configuration of the cooking zones ensure sufficient space for four containers with a diameter of 24 cm. Always silent, even at full capacity, the system is based on an optimized exhaust duct and a particularly silent fan. Finally, the thin 199 mm thickness of the unit and the integrated recycling fan ensure maximum storage space for dishes and utensils in the lower cabinet. World exclusive: no drawer shortening is necessary, even on a 60 cm deep linear kitchen.

This cooktop comes with a wireless probe. This innovation, ideal for seasoned cooks, measures the core temperature of the food to the nearest degree and guarantees excellent results, regardless of the dish prepared. From 50 to 230 degrees, the probe automatically selects the right temperature according to the desired result and the cooking is perfectly controlled: from vacuum cooking to the most powerful entries. For boiling, searing, simmering, poaching and even vacuum cooking, thanks to this accessory, once the desired result is reached, the hob stops automatically.

The new star of the V-Zug range is an integral induction cooktop, which has no predefined cooking zone. The user freely places up to six utensils on the glass surface: the cooktop automatically recognizes their location and the size of their bottom. It is even possible to place a Teppan Yaki plate on the table: it is detected by the table and the corresponding function is automatically activated. The colour graphic display, with its simple and intuitive control, as well as the background images illustrating creations by the great chef Andreas Caminada, accompany and inspire even more the pleasure of cooking.