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Made from a 100% recyclable, hygienic material that is resistant to fire, acids and scratches, CookingRak is an invisible induction system that can be positioned under the work surface and controlled by a remote control and/or by an application on mobile phones. No controls or buttons on the work surface. There are no cuts in the plane. The waves pass through the ceramic plane and heat the food. Before cooking or when cooking is finished, the work surface can therefore be used in its entirety. The visual aspect is spectacular since the plan has no insert. In addition, there are no obstacles to cleaning. No patches, no edges, no disbursement. A major functional aspect for small kitchens. Finally, the financial aspect is also preserved, because this hob is sold to kitchen shops for less than 600 €, which is the price of a traditional induction hob.

With an induction charger integrated into the worktop, Fidelem has developed under its Finitop brand kitchen worktops capable of charging smartphones. Indeed, an induction charging module (meeting the Qi standard) has been integrated under the work surface invisibly and it is simply necessary to place the phone on the materialized area on the work surface to recharge it. The exclusive innovation lies in the laser marking of the loading zone directly on the work surface. No label peeling off, no through holes accumulating dirt, the work surface remains totally smooth and aesthetic, its marking is perfectly resistant to cleaning and wear. This can be adapted to all types of worktops (thickness from 10 to 100 mm) and for all types of materials (laminate or compact).

At SADECC, the company will present a marriage between nature and technology. As part of the Vintage range, wild oak has the particularity of preserving the knots and cracks naturally present in the wood. To highlight these natural defects and overcome the constraint of using this type of work surface, Flip Design uses a translucent resin filling. This allows the natural appearance of the wood to be preserved, while ensuring maximum comfort and stability. In order to combine nature and design, the elusive and aerodynamic Propeller edgeband was developed, which provides a feeling of lightness with a slimmer vision of the shot. The combination of wild oak with propeller edgeband brings a touch of design and warmth to all interior styles, from the most traditional to the most contemporary.