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The products developed by Compusoft offer professionals specialized solutions for managing their projects. In 2019, the company celebrates its 30th anniversary. New logo, new organization, new perspectives... Over the past few months, major changes have been made to improve customer satisfaction. These changes are part of a sustainable continuity of services. Reception, ADV, Catalogue, Trade, Development, Training, Support, 60 employees, all actors and aware of the importance of the word Service.

Touch-Reality is a complete system (Front-Office / Back-Office, Software / Hardware) designed for equipped kitchen sellers and helps to secure the sales process and support up-selling. Touch-Reality offers kitchen designers and their consumers a new experience of simplicity, creativity and fun! The flat screen with touch screen controls attracts attention in exhibition sales outlets. It's fun and fast, the consumer plays a key role in the design of his own kitchen and is therefore satisfied with the result. Prices can be viewed separately in detail, budget control in real time. The work is almost finished after the consumer has left. As a result, designer-sellers can focus on other tasks.

Wipoz! is a networking and installation management service for interior design professionals. This service is provided through a collaborative platform and a team at the service of its customers. Why Wipoz!? Because kitchen designers are always looking for good installers. Because they want to focus on customer relationship, sales and design rather than managing the search for installers and the problems that can be related to the installation. Because good installers are looking for well-described sites, close to home and well paid. And finally because good installers want tools that will simplify the administrative management of their activity. Wipoz! recruits, federates and leads a national network of installers (administrative follow-up, skills follow-up) to guarantee that kitchen designers can work with high-performance installers. The company connects kitchen designers and installers and provides a platform that allows kitchen designers to solicit not only their network installers but also the Wipoz! network installers through a folder creation and email and SMS notification system. In 2019 the platform will offer the possibility to manage online payment, invoicing (issuance and tracking), an evaluation system.