Communication solutions

Exhibitors only

Below you will find all the services that will help you optimize your participation in the show. These solutions will help you prepare your communication actions for your customers (presence in the catalog, advertising inserts...).

Communication tools
An advertisement in the SADECC catalog
An advertisement in the SADECC catalog

(distributed free of charge, at the entrance of the exhibition)

You are visible to all visitors

An advertisement in the SADECC catalog
(distributed free of charge to each visitor of the show)

You are visible before, during and after the event in the SADECC's partner trade magazine

Format: W 230 x H 300 mm

Link to your website for 2 years
(between two editions of SADECC)
Visitor bag with your visual identity
(distributed for free to all visitors)

Your logo or advertisement on the side of the visitor bag distributed for free, limited to 2 locations (1 brand per side of the bag).

Format: W 270 x H 360 mm

Your logo on all the exhibition plans
(plans inside the show + plan in the catalog + plan in the Officiel des Cuisinistes)

You are highlighted with your logo on the giant plans located at the entrance and in the heart of the exhibition, as well as in the plan in the catalog and in L'Officiel des Cuisinistes (limited to 12 exhibitors)

Video of your SADECC booth

Book our cameraman to come and show you the video content to be used on your networks (This price includes the shooting of the images and the editing. For any interview or sound recording request, please contact us).

Pavilion 6 entrance
2 locations left / right

Format: W 8 m x H 0.84 m

3 locations C / K / J

Format: W 2 m x H 2 m

3 locations N

Format: W 3 m x H 0.30 m